Capturing Alpha through Digital Asset Exposure

Focused on Protocols That Disrupt

Founded in 2021, Flowtrack is a hedge fund that invests in the liquid tokens of digital assets, focusing on protocols that have the greatest potential to transform real world infrastructure and industries. The fund holds a basket of high conviction names within the different layers of the blockchain tech stack, offering a solution for investors looking to prudently diversify their investment portfolio with digital asset exposure.

A Dynamic Approach to Protocol Selection

Flowtrack's investment philosophy combines fundamental and momentum signals to deliver asymmetric returns to a traditional investment portfolio.

Fundamental Analysis

We are able to uncover undervalued protocols by using a factor model built to analyze digital assets, in combination with network and application specific valuation methodologies.

Market Momentum Analysis

Crypto narratives move quickly, and extracting trends in developer and social media activity, for example, can help predict future price movements.

Institutional Grade Risk Management and Operational Infrastructure

Flowtrack has partnered with best in breed custodial, trading, research, legal and administration partners. Operational and trading missteps can be as costly as investment ones in this novel and dynamic space.

Seasoned Navigators in Finance, Crypto, and Beyond

Our diverse viewpoints are integral to shaping our investment strategy and help guide us through the evolving digital economy.

Digital Assets Present One of the Greatest Investment Opportunities of Our Generation

We are in the midst of the Bitcoin revolution, but the real opportunity is in the entire digital asset revolution. After the dawn of the Internet came Web 2.0 which birthed Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube; Web 3.0 will feature the Internet of Value (IoV), and blockchain technology will be the universal format of exchange, storage, and transmission of that value.

Blockchain protocols are no longer just digital currencies, new infrastructure and business models are being developed that have significant efficiency advantages over their real world peers.

Flowtrack invests in the most impactful blockchain protocols during what we see as a multi-decade decentralized model innovation cycle. Long-term conviction in our protocols is the key to our success, regardless of market drawdowns, choppy institutional sentiment, and short-term noise.